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Only 7 years later...

I have spent the last nine years as a school administrator. My favorite part about being an administrator is having access to and constantly thinking about the big picture. I believe that my role as an administrator is three-fold: 1 – to solve problems as they arise (typically everyday), 2- create a vision for the school as it moves forward, 3- be a role model for the teachers so they can in turn, model for the students. I am a disciple of Harry Wong, Ted Sizer, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Deborah Meier, and Alfie Kohn among others. I am a life long learner who has enjoyed every minute of this ride called life.

For the last nine years I have moved offices five times – each of them windowless. However, I believe I still have a great view – I get to look at the big picture of schools and education everyday, all day long. Thus, I love the view from my windowless office.

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