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How to “Sell” Your School

February 20, 2013

Those of us in the independent school world know that admissions are the life blood of the school.  Without students there is no school.  Without admissions there are no students.  Yesterday I visited three schools for my son (yes in one day). After three very different experiences, I have a few words of advice for those working in admission offices.

1. The first thing after hello and welcome should be “Tell me about your child.”

2. “The Tour” is not the most important thing about the visit. Don’t lead with it – it sends the wrong message.

3. Tell me why I should give you my precious child – and with it – my money!

4. Be passionate.  There is nothing less impressive than a salesman who isn’t in love with their product. Tell me why this school is special – different – worth my consideration.

5. Make it personal. This decision is a huge one.  Tell my why THIS school might be the right one for MY child.

6. Include the teachers!  No one knows the program better than they do.  Let them explain to me why my child would thrive at their school.


After much discussion in the car drive home, my husband and I agreed that the school with the highest tuition and least impressive facilities was our favorite.  It was definitely not “the tour” that sold us.  It was the passion, compassion, warmth, and conviction that we heard from the admission officer and the teachers.


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