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Never Forget

September 17, 2012

Following the anniversary of 9-11 we hear many voices repeating the mantra “let us not forget.”  For those of us that experienced that day as adults it is one that is hard to forget. Luckily, we have an anniversary to commemorate the day that will in the years to come help us to “never forget.”

Unfortunately, there are other tragedies going on daily in our society that don’t have an anniversary to help us “never forget.” One of these tragedies is the number of Americans and children that live in poverty everyday. Living in Fairfax County, VA (one of the wealthiest in America) it is easy to forget. I have the luxury of working in an expensive private school where all of the children live above the poverty line (and in most all cases – WELL above the line). I live in a house with electricity, air conditioning, and plenty of food. Unfortunately, for me… it is easy to forget.

Tonight I took the time to listen to an audio cast from The Poverty Tour 2.0 which is headlined by Cornell West and Tavis Smiley. A tweet by West about the event caught my eye due to the fact that it was recorded at nearby TC Williams HS, made famous by the movie Remember the Titans. I am so glad I took the time to listen and remember. Because for so many of us, the poverty in America is easy to forget.


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  1. tieandjeans permalink

    So much of what’s presented as an “education crisis” is tragically, simply, a crisis of systemic, unaddressed poverty. You’re so right that it’s difficult to recognize and focus on this in our area, where the disparity of income on the right side of the bell curve seems daunting. But we know that it doesn’t matter!

    This amazing post [ ] from Organized Chaos reminds us that so many students come to school fighting for any grip on Mazlow’s hierarchy, that providing “academic rigor” in place of shelter, support, empathy and relationships is all harm with no help.

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